When you hear the word boutique, we may imagine playful dresses, floral print tops, or bold statement jewelry, but rarely do we encounter a boutique sporting men's apparel in its display window. 

And yet...to often when men come into boutiques with their significant others, they look bored, just awkwardly waiting for a decision to be made so they can leave. Boutique Elise wanted to resolve that problem. Why not give men their own section of exclusive, affordable attire? 

So we introduced B.E. Men's. 

B.E. Men's is the menswear expansion of Boutique Elise. Located exclusively at the Columbus location, the men's line features a variety of handpicked styles to appeal to our local, fashion-forward guys. And let's be honest, men like to look good and feel good about what they're wearing just as much as women. 

But even better, B.E. Men's offers a different experience than the typical men's section at a department store. In a boutique setting, men can have one-on-one assistance with color coordination, sizing, and not to mention, unique styles they won't find everyone else wearing. 

Shopping at a boutique is a personalized experience, and usually, an enjoyable experience. Which is why we wanted to create just that for both women and men. 


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